Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are the best. We could never put on a conference like this and keep the price low without their help. Please take a moment to read a bit more about them and consider their services and products!

Would you like to be a sponsor of Pittsburgh Web Design Day? We attract the the most talented web developers in Pittsburgh. Help us out! !

  • Left Field Meeting Space

    Left Field is a meeting space in Pittsburgh, PA for Business-related events-meetings, presentations, workshops, seminars, focus groups and other events. Owned by Smith Brothers Agency and designed by EDGE studio, Left Field features video conferencing, focus group rooms, a kitchen and pool table room, and glass garage doors that open onto a roof deck. Left Field is simply one of the best meeting spaces in Pittsburgh.

  • Freshbooks

    FreshBooks is an easy-to-use online invoicing service that saves you time, gets you paid faster and makes you look Fortune 500 professional. From estimates and expenses to time tracking and invoicing, FreshBooks makes everything quick and simple — letting you focus on your work, not your paperwork. Customize the service with your own logo and colors, send invoices by email or ground mail, accept payments with PayPal, Authorize.net and more. To learn more about FreshBooks or to create your FREE account and get started today click here!

  • Developed Simple

    Developed Simple is a digital creative studio in Pittsburgh, PA that uses open-source software and social media to build, promote, and grow organizations. For more information, visit their site at developedsimple.com

  • Campaign Monitor

    Campaign Monitor provides 100% rebrandable email marketing software for web designers and their clients. Send beautiful email campaigns, track the results and manage your subscribers. Earn a tidy profit by letting your clients send at prices you set. Also, founders of the Email Standards Project.

  • Avenue Design Studios

    Avenue Design Studios is a web design and social media consulting firm in Pittsburgh, PA. They specialize in developing custom sites that leverage social tools to communicate effectively. Learn more at avenuedesignstudios.com.

  • Midwest Research

    Midwest Research helps clients to improve their products and services. They help companies understand and discover their customers' authentic needs and behaviors. They then create tools that convey this information in an easy to understand format, which can then be applied to improving the usability of a product or service. Learn more at mw-research.com.

  • Rosenfeld

    Rosenfeld Media publishes short, practical, and useful books and webinars on user experience design. Their products explain the design and research methods that web professionals need to make informed design decisions. Learn more and purchase a few book from their amazing catalog at rosenfeldmedia.com.

  • O'Reilly

    O'Reilly spreads the knowledge of innovators through technology books, online services, and tech conferences. Find the technology resources you need at O'Reilly Media, a technology company at the leading edge.

  • A Book Apart

    A Book Apart is pleased to announce the first A Book Apart title, on sale May 4, 2010. Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 For Web Designers obliterates the confusion surrounding the web’s new markup language and cuts straight to what matters to accessible, standards-based web designers, developers, and content specialists.

    HTML5 For Web Designers is for people who create web content, who mark up web pages for sense and semantics, and who design accessible interfaces and experiences. Its goal—one it shares with every title in the forthcoming A Book Apart catalog—is to shed clear light on a tricky subject, and do it fast, so you can get back to work. Check it out!

The Organizers

Pittsburgh Web Design Day is brought to you by Refresh Pittsburgh and On the Fridge, LLC. Drop us a line: gjhead@webdesignday.com